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Contact me to book a Youth Creative Mindfulness Course for your School or Setting :)

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Mindfulness-based interventions are now commonly recommended to help children and young people to overcome unnecessary anxiety (some anxiety is healthy and is a necessary part of our body's safety system) and low moods. There are ongoing clinical trials which are highlighting how Mindfulness actually changes the neural pathways in the brain and these changes allow us to live more confident, happy and fulfilling lives.

This program is fully inclusive and can be delivered to various groups of young people including autistic children and ADHDers. As this course offers a creative element, we are able to introduce relaxation & mindfulness tools with a creative twist!

This course combines a fusion of meditation, creative visualisation, gameplay, sensory play & creative exploration. It advocates for the creative process, when we are being creative, curious & playful we are being in the present moment!

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